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Yugi doesn't have the millennium puzzle because the millennium items are not there no more.

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Q: How does yu-gi get the millennium puzzle back after the end of season 5?
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What are the 7 millennium items?

millennium puzzle/pendant yugi the millennium eye pegasus the millennium ring bakura the millennium scale shadi the millennium key shadi the millennium touqe/necklace ishisu the millennium rod marik

Is it true that if the Millennium Puzzle is destroyed will Atem disappear?

It's true! Just think, when Yugi didn't solve the Millennium Puzzle, Atem never came out! Until he finished it in 8 years! That's really sad though! There is proof! I've heard that in one Yu-Gi-Oh video, this really mean guy trapped Yugi in a room under the ground, (really weird!) broke his Millennium Puzzle and set the room on fire! Yugi needed to redo the puzzle again! He must finish it fast before he gets burned. He needed Atem to be out because Atem is really good at escaping from dangerous places. And Atem is one of his best friends. How could he let him go? The Millennium Puzzle was how Yugi and Atem can change back and forth.

If there was a duel between Yugi when he had the millennium puzzle and Jaden who would win?

Atem wins. The Pharaoh has only lost three times. He held back on Kaiba so he lost, During Season four, his rage took over and he played the magic card "The Seal of Orichalcos" and then he lost to Yugi during the battle to set his spirit free.

How old is yugi after fifth season?

Yugi is about 27 10 years later (after season 5)

Was Yugi Yami the pharaoh Atemu in the past?

Yes, Yami Yugi is the encased spirit of Pharaoh Atem, locked inside the Millenium Puzzle. Yugi was the present-day incarnation of Pharaoh Atem and was destined to solve the puzzle and release his spirit.

Does yugi ever beat yami in a duel?

Yes in the final saga of the millennium world series. To finally pass on he had to lose respectfully therefor he had to fight the one who summoned him Yugi.

Does joey ever beat yugi? no.. the last duel between yugi and joey is after season two, after the finals.. joey duels yugi for his red-eyes black dragon..

Why didn't Yugi lose when Anubis used a Sphinx to Attack him the Sphinx could have used it's effect to kill him?

maybe because it didn't use the effect or because yugi has the millennium triangle thing.

Why wasn't the last season of Yugi-oh Gx with Yugi in it shown in America?

It was considered too depressing and had blood and was also intensely creepy

What is yugi?

um... yugi the person or yugioh the game if person just the kid who solved the puzzle and is linked to the Pharaoh (can't spell it right.) if game then just the funnest tcg ever

In yugioh gx why did they not atleast show yugi motous face when they showed atleast kaiba and pegasus twice you mean after all the first season was all about him and they did not even show his face o?

The creators decided not to show Yugi Muto's face because they wanted to give a sense of mystery to how Yugi turned out 10 years after parting with the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. If you see episode 1 then 179 you'll notice key differences like his more muscular appearance as well as longer locks of hair. To me this symbolizes that he now looks just like the Pharaoh and has matured past his childish appearance. The eternal question was if Yugi's a reincarnation since characters like Kaiba and Ishizu were and with changing his appearance but not confirming with the face, the viewer is allowed to draw their own conclusion as to what role Yugi played.

What is Yu-Gi-Oh season zero?

This was the very first YGO! anime season to air. In it, Yugi completes the Millenium Puzzle and transforms into his "alter ego" to play a variety of games against opponents besides the card game "Duel Monsters". It was never released in the US.

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