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Bah-koo-rah R(ee)-yoh [The 'Ryou' part is pronouced fast, so that the first syllable slurs into the second.]

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Q: How do you pronounce Ryou Bakura's name?
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In Yu-Gi-Oh is Bakura's first name spelled Ryou or Ryou since everybody says something different but Ryou seems to be the accepted spelling everywhere?

In Japanese, it is written Ryō, which can correctly be transcribed as either Ryo or Ryou. Which one is used is down to personal preference.

How tall is Ryou Nitta?

Ryou Nitta is 170 cm.

What episode does Ryou show up in Mermaid Melody?

Ryou shows up in episode 19. Luchia gets lost and meets Ryou.

Does mew Zakuro like Ryou Shirogane?

Mew Zakuro does like Ryou Shirogane but in the English dub she pretends that she could care less about Ryou.

Is Ryou the blue knight?

no he is a kitty name alto in episode 36 he kissed ichigo

What does ryou think of lettuce?

he thinks of her like the rest of the...mews there isn't much evidence that ryou LIKE lettuce. (so sorry for all the lettuce and ryou fans)

What episode did ichigo and ryou dance?

Ichigo and Ryou danced on episode 6. Hope it helps!

When was Ryou Nitta born?

Ryou Nitta was born on May 7, 1980, in Tokyo, Japan.

Who does Ryou from Tokyo Mew Mew like Or at least who is his girlfriend?

Ryou has no girlfriend. In volume 7 of the manga, Mia Ikumi states that Masaya, Kish (Quiche), and Ryou all love Ichigo.

Are mew Lettuce and Ryou in love?

no in volume 7 it states that ryou loves ichigo but it says nothing about him loving lettuce.also nothing ever happens between them in the books.ce sorry,lettuce with ryou fans.

In Yu-Gi-Oh is Bakura's first name spelled Ryou or Ryo since the manga says Ryo but the spelling accepted and used everywhere is Ryou?

His name in Japanese is transcribed to Ryō in Western characters, the symbol over the o indicates a long consonant.Because English is not a phonetic language though, you can render Japanese words like that in different ways, all of which are technically correct. 'Ryou' is valid, and probably the most common way of writing an expanded long 'o'. But Ryo is valid too, as in English, the 'o' can be short or long without using accents, umlauts or dipthongs.The deciding factor is picking the form that an English speaker is most likely to pronounce correctly. The long 'o' in 'Ryō' is pronounced like the 'o' in 'bowl', and most English speakers would pronounce 'Ryo' that way too. On the other hand, many English speakers would see 'Ryou' as bring pronounced it 'Ree-yew', due to having the 'you' in it. That'd be the correct pronunciation for a different name, Ryu.So as an answer, if you were writing in 'romanised' Japanese (Japanese in western characters), you would write it as Ryō or expand it to Ryou. But if you were using it in text translated into English, 'Ryo' would be the better choice.