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Jeff left in 2009 after losing a`loser leaves wwe` match and matt left in 2010 after he was released from his contract.

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Q: When did Hardy brothers left WWE?
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Who and who from WWE are brothers?

Matt and Jeff Hardy

Is matt hardy and jeff hardy friends on WWE?

They are not only friends in the WWE but also real life brothers

Jeff hardy and matt hardy?

they are brothers that have been on both WWE and TNA (Known as Impact Wrestling).

Was WWE lita ever married to 1 of the hardy brothers?


Are matt and jeff hardy brothers outside of WWE?

Yes. They are real life brothers

Did one of the wwe hardys ever die?

No, both Hardy brothers are still alive. Jeff Hardy is on drugs, so no telling when he'll pass away. If you're thinking Jeff Hardy is dead because he's not on WWE anymore, it's because he left for TNA.

Are WWE wrestlers related?

The Hardy Boyz are real Brothers and the Brothers of destruction are half Brother

Why did Jeff hardy retire the WWE?

Jeff Hardy did not retire. It was a storyline. Jeff Hardy left WWE to heal from all the injuries that he had sustained while in WWE including a neck injury.

When is Jeff hardy leaving WWE?

jeff hardy already left the wwe it was only a 60 day suspension one month left and he'll be back.Hardy Fans Get Ready For Jeff Hardy

Are any one are brothes in the WWE?

Yes Jeff hardy and Matt hardy are brothers also they are a tagteam called the hardy boys.

Who left tna to go to WWE?

Jeff hardy

Why did Jeff Hardy really leave the WWE?

Jeff Hardy left WWE wrestling so that all the injuries that he had could heal.