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The Real brothers in WWE are Jeff and Matt Primo and Carlito Undertaker and Kane and i think Shad and JTG

May 2010- Matt and Jeff Hardy are brothers as is Primo and Carlito, Golddust and COdy Rhodes. Kane and Undertaker are NOT related In real life only in storyline and Shad and JTG are not related either in real life not even in storyline.

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The ones in WWE that are real brothers are:

Matt and Jeff Hardy (Jeff is no longer in WWE)

Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Carlito and Primo

The Undertaker and Kane are in no way related. They act like brothers in a storyline.

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Q: Who is the real brothers in wwe?
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What is the WWE Storyline?

It is like Edge and Christian they are brothers in WWE but in real life no

Are the WWE superstars the undertaker and Kane real brothers?

No. The Undertaker and Kane are not real life brothers. They were storyline brothers in the WWE. They were together referred to as "The Brothers of Destruction" and were multiple time Tag team champions. Apart from storyline relationships, they are not related in real life.

Are matt and jeff hardy brothers outside of WWE?

Yes. They are real life brothers

Kane and undertaker brothers?

in wwe yes in real life no

Is undertaker and Kane brothers WWE?

i think so NO they are not brothers in real life only in storyline

Are WWE wrestlers related?

The Hardy Boyz are real Brothers and the Brothers of destruction are half Brother

Is Kane and the deadman related?

in "real life" no in wwe they r brothers

Is matt hardy and jeff hardy friends on WWE?

They are not only friends in the WWE but also real life brothers

Was the Harlem heat really brothers in wwe?

Yes They are Brothers in real Life Booker Tio Huffman And Lane Steven Huffman.

Are Kane and Taker half brothers?

No it's all a part of the storyline that WWE portrays as real

Is it true that the WWE undertaker and WWE Kane are brothers?

No, it is not true.The WWE calls them 'brothers' as part of a storyline that they ( WWE ) have created.