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Matt Hardy (born September 23, 1974) and Jeff Hardy (born August 31, 1977) are brothers, but not related to the other two.

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no they are not.

john hardy is a jewelers from Canada.

and ed hardy is a tattoo artist from California

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No he isn't.

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Q: Is ed hardy related to WWE wrestlers Matt and Jeff hardy?
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jeff hardy matt hardy and sting are on tna and 123 kid is a dj

Who is Jeff hardy related to?

matt hardy

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Jeff hardy and matt hardy?

they are brothers that have been on both WWE and TNA (Known as Impact Wrestling).

What episode of That 70s Show was Jeff and Matt Hardy on?

In 1999, Matt and Jeff Hardy appeared as uncredited wrestlers on That ' 70s Show episode " That Wrestling Show ". This was in Season One, Episode 15.

Is Jeff hardy in a movie?

possibly. He was once (with Matt) on That 70's Show, and they played Wrestlers.

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Will jeff hardy ever talk to Matt for a hardy boy return?

Matt Hardy cant wrestle anymore. And WWE probably wont want two druged up wrestlers.

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Matt Hardy has written: 'The Hardy Boyz' -- subject(s): Biography, Hardy Boyz (Wrestlers), Wrestlers