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she is a senior in new moon and graduates in eclipse, the 3rd book Bella is a senior in high school throughout New Moon. The book starts with her birthday in September. Bella graduates during the Eclipse novel.

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Q: What year of high school is Bella in from the book new moon and if she is a senior when does she graduate?
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Is Bella a senior in the first twilight book?

No, Bella is a junior in high school in the first Twilight book.

What was the date when Bella met EDWARD?

in the book, January 18th. in a chemistry class the first day of school for Bella

What year did Bella Swan graduate high school?

Bella Swan graduated from high school in the year 2006, as depicted in the Twilight book series.

In twilight how many people go to forks high school before Bella?

Three hundred and fifty-eight (358) students go to Forks High School in "Twilight."The total was 357 students before Bella Swan chooses to spend her junior and senior years in Forks, Washington. The entire student population is less than half of the size of Bella's junior class in Phoenix, Arizona. There, she was one of more than 700 juniors in a huge high school.

In Twilight Bella starts Forks High school her junior year why is it in new moon she starts school again and she is friends with Jacob but in Eclipse she also starts another new school year her?

Bella starts in forks high as a junior, because, remember in the book twilight when she went to the backwards dance with a broken leg. yeah well, in new moon she turns 18 while she starts senior year. in eclipse she is still a senior which is why she graduates and Alice throws her the big graduation party.

In the book twilight what school does Bella go to?

Bella and Edward go to the prom at the end of twilight the book. Right after they get back from phoenix. -Chelsey B

Is high school musical 3 senior year a book?

Yes, it is called Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year: The Junior Novel.

Who was the first girl that Bella talked to at school?

in both movie & book jessica

What high school does Bella from new moon go to in the book?

Forks High

What was Bella old ballet school name?

It never says in the book.(s)

When do edward and Bella get married?

Edward and Bella get married in the book "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer, during the summer after Bella's high school graduation.

What day was Bella's first day of high school in the book twilight?

19th of Jan