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it is not in the book - they cut bits out so the movie isn't so long

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she graduates in eclipse on pages 354-355. The graduation chapter is 346-364 though.

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Yes, she does.

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Q: What page does Bella graduate?
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When in twilight the book does edward tell Bella you are my life now?

In order for Twilight * Page 274 (Edward says it) * Page 314 (Bella says it) * Page 366 (Edward says it in many words) * Page 418 (Edward and Bella) * Page 456 (Edward says it) * Page 479 (Edward and Bella) * Page 498 (Bella says it)

Edward and Bella's graduation is on what page?

edward and Bella's graduation begins on page 352 in eclipse. i am on page 355!

What is Bella Thorn's official fan page on Facebook?

Bella Thorn does not have an official fan page on Facebook.

What page do Edward and Bella have their honeymoon?

about page 80

What page does Edward tell Bella that she is his life now?

Edward tells Bella that she is his life now in "Twilight" on page 221.

Do you get to watch the cullens graduate in new moon and eclipse for edward Bella and Alice?

well i don't want to be a huge spoiler but in breaking dawn edward, Bella, and Alice graduate

What is the Page number that Edward first says Hello to Bella?

edward first says hello to Bella on page 43

On what page dose Edward get Bella pregnant?

Bella finds out page 123 of breaking dawn although I'm not sure what page he gets her pregnant but it is in or after chapter 5.

What page and what book does Bella have a baby?

It begins on page 347 and ends on page 387

What page did Edward leave Bella in New Moon?

It's not in there since it is from Bella's POV but one can assume she told him sometime during the days that Alice was staying with Bella

What page does Edward first say hello to Bella on?

Page 43.

What page does Bella get turned into a vampire in breaking dawn?

page 378