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the book she is reading is wuthering heights

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Q: What book is Bella reading when she takes a nap outside?
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Which book is Bella reading when she takes a nap outside?

it is Pride and prejudice *cate*

Witch book is Bella reading when she's out side on twilight?

Bella reads a book of compellations by Jane austen outside in twilight, the first book in the series

What novel was Bella reading in the Twilight book?

Bella was reading the novel Wuthering heights in the book Twiligh.t

What was the name of the book that Bella was reading in the part 3 of Twilight saga - Eclipse?

The Name of the book Bella is reading is Wuthering Heights.

What book is Bella always reading?

Romeo and Juliet

When do Alice and Bella meet?

In the first book edward takes Bella to his house and that's when they meet

What book does Bella keep reading?

WutheriNg Heights I think or something like that :)

In Twilight Saga Eclipse what book is Bella reading when the movie beginnings?

i think it was wuthering heights in the book

What is the name of the resturaunt edward takes Bella to?

It is called 'La Bella Italia'. It's in Port Angeles in the book.

Does Bella Swan read Pride and Prejudice in Twilight Saga?

The book referenced the most in terms of Bella's reading preferences is Wuthering Heights.

Where was Bella and Edwards second kiss in twilight book?

It was in Bella's house, after Bella comes downstairs, right before Edward takes her to his house for the first time.

What is Bella's personality and style?

Bella, from the Twilight series, has no personality. She is a hollow shell that any teenage girl reading the book can apply their own personality to.