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There is most likely not the exact book, but there is many books about Quileute Legends if you are interested in reading the Legends. Also, there is various websites that include the legends.

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Q: Is there an actual book of Quileute Legends Bella bought?
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What quileute book does Bella from twilight read?

In "Twilight," Bella reads "The Quileute Legends" book. These legends are important to understanding the history and culture of the Quileute tribe in the series. Bella becomes more interested in them as she learns about Jacob's connection to the legends.

What does Bella Google in Twilight1 ano atrás?

Quileute legends

Does Jacob tell Bella he is a werewolf?

No. He is not allowed to tell Bella he is a werewolf according to the Quileute Legends.

What is the book Bella searches for on internet?

belle search the cold one and the quileute legends

What website did Bella find the book of Quilette Legends on?

Bella found the book of Quileute Legends on a website called 'Quileute Nation.' It was a digital copy uploaded by a tribe member to share their cultural stories with a wider audience.

How does Bella from The Twilight Saga find Quileute Legends for La Push beach?

In The Twilight Saga, Bella finds Quileute Legends by listening to stories told by the Quileute tribe members, particularly Jacob Black. She is intrigued by the history and folklore surrounding the tribe, which leads her to ask questions and learn more about their culture. Bella's curiosity and interactions with the Quileute people help her uncover the legends associated with La Push beach.

Which quileute sites does go Bella on in the twilight movie?

Bella did not go on a site she typed in Quileute Legends in google and got a book or you could just type in cold-one in google and see what comes up.

What is the name of the book that Bella buys in the twilight movie?

In the movie Bella doesn't actually go to the library, she goes to a old looking shop and actually buys the book, the book is called something along the lines of 'Quileute Lengends'

What did Bella Google about edward?

She googled the Quileute legends and saw 'the cold ones' clicked on that and found all the answers she needed

Is Bella Swan part quileute?

no her father (charlie swan) is close friends with Billy Black who is a Quileute. but bella is not part Quileute

What is the name of a book stoor that you can get the same book Quilts ledgends that Bella gets in Twilight only in Melbourne?

I'm afraid that that particular book doesn't exist.It was just made up for the storyline.I'm sure that there are plenty other books about Quileute legends if you are really interested in them. :D

At the beach What did jecob tell Bella about Cullen?

Jacob told Bella about the Cullens being vampires and warned her to stay away from them for her safety. He shared the Quileute legends about the Cullens being their natural enemies.