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In the "Twilight" Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer, the town where Bella lives is called Forks, Washington. This is an actual town located on the Olympic Peninsula, in the state of Washington. Jacob's place of residence, the Quileute Reservation is also a real location.

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Q: What is the town in twilight called?
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When was Twilight Town created?

Twilight Town was created on 1992-09-29.

What town dose Bella live now?

Bella Swan from "Twilight" lives with her dad in a little, rainy town in Washington called Forks.

Is there a city or something called corks or something like that in Washington?

There is a town called Forks, which is where the Twilight movie series is supposed to be set.

What is the setting of the twilight book?

a small town in Washington state called Forks (its actually a real city)

Where are twilight gems at the world that never was?

Twilight Gem: Assassin(Twilight Town, The World That Never Was)

Where and when is twilight the book set?

It takes place mostly in a town called Forks, Washington. It takes place in present day.

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Is the movie of twilight by Stephenie Meyer called twilight as well?

Yes the movie was called Twilight.

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What town in twilight films set in?

It is filmed Vancouver

What is the first twilight saga called?


Does the town Forks from the book Twilight really exist?

Yes, the town Forks from Twilight really exists. Just check out the city's website under the related links.