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Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: What is it called when wolves pair up in twilight?
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What is a pair of chicken called?

A pair of chickens is simply called a pair of chickens. They could also be called a mated pair (if they are that), a small flock, or even a couple. Or, be creative and make up a name that is descriptive and unique to that one pair of chickens.

How do gray wolves act?

Gray wolves are social carnivores. They live and hunt in packs, led by the alpha male and female. Only the alpha pair reproduces, but the whole pack helps to care for the young. The pack is usually made up of the alpha pair's grown offspring.

What are lower wolves called?

If you are talking about order within the pack, i think they are the wolves that break up the fights (peace keeper) or the wolves that look after the cubs (nannys)

Where is twilight glen in pixie hollow?

its a game! It's in springtime orchard. its called firefly light up in twilight glen.

What are young wolves called?

pupYoung wolves are called pups or cubs. The entire pack takes care of the young, which are often born in litter of up to six at a time.

When the next twilight film will be out?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be broken up into a pair of features. The first film is slated to hit theaters on November 18, 2011. There's no word on when the second half will screen.

What is pair of angles that make up a line called?

They are supplementary angles.

How did Catherine Hardwicke come up with the idea for twilight?

No offence but that's a stupid question It was the movie of the book called twilight by Stephanie Meyer

What is the difference between an alpha and an omega wolves?

The Alpha wolves are the most dominant of the pack and are the only breeding pair. The Omega wolves are next in line and are to take up the role of Alpha once the current Alpha can't do it anymore due to age, sickness or death

What font is used on the title for twilight?

It's called Zephyr. even look it up on images

What do wolves look like up close?

Up close wolves look like dogs

When was Lock Up the Wolves created?

Lock Up the Wolves was created on 1990-05-15.