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Twilight, the first book.

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Q: What Twilight saga book was Bella held hostage in?
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What is Bella's half birthday in twilight?

In the first book, it says September 13th. Stephenie mentions that the year is 1987. Also, they decide to marry one month before her birthday which is 13th August. Not only that, but in The Twilight Saga Official Illustrated Guide, it clearly states her Date Of Birth as 13th Sepember 1987.

What was the episode of House where House was held hostage?

Season 5 episode 9. "Last Resort". A gun wielding man holds House and others hostage until he finds out what is wrong with him.

What movie is this where a group of students are held hostage in a high school and forced to solve A puzzle by an unknown group of people It is related to their past. Japanese or korean MOVIE?

It's called Death Bell.

Why did Bella feel betrayed by Jacob?

Bella felt betrayed by Jacob because when he transformed into a ware wolf, he chose his wolf pack over her friendship.

What is example of an analogy in Twilight?

Do you mean the apple on the front cover? If so, it signifies the temptation that Edward has to Bella, because it's the Forbidden Fruit in Adam and Eve. Also in the book Edward Cullen says to Bella "It's twilight. It's the safest time of the day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest, in a way...the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don't you think?" ======================================= The apple on the cover would have been creative IF Bella was religious. But she is NOT, so the symbolism is utterly lost on the reader since Bella does not care about god, or even care about Edwards views. It would have been all the more better if the vampires were actual vampires, being cursed by god to never see the sun again. Making the BIBLE quote all the more relevant, but it is NOT relevant since Bella just jumps whole hog into temptation and ignores any views that Edward might have about him being a 'being of sin.' The quote about darkness would have been a LOT more powerful if he only spoke of the sun going down and saying that darkness is safe for vampires, but deadly for people. This would have established long held beliefs that the 'dark' is evil, it is a bad place to be, almost CURSED. You could even have Edward wish for being able to be brave enough to kill himself by the sunlight to see the sun once again. Meaning that he wants to end his curse, but is afraid of what LIFE AFTER DEATH would mean for a creature that is basically utterly sinful. And used to now of an immortal life, it would show his fear of change, as well as show his fear that he is utterly cursed so badly that not even 'god/sun' would look upon him. But as twilight lacks all of this it is just bull crap. Because any symbolism is lost of the reader because NO ONE relates to it. Not even the temptation, Edward NEVER draws Bella to him, she dives after him and never thinks twice. She wants to jump his bones regardless of what he is. A good way of making this quote more... say SYMBOLIC you can have her be hesitant to do this, but NO. Bella does not care about anything that anyone thinks including Edward himself and just wants to be immortal and have sex.

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Where was prom held in the book Twilight?

The prom was held at the gym at Bella's and Edwards school

When was prom held in the book Twilight?

It was held in the toilet because everyone is poopy faces except Jacob Black because he is a hunka hunka when he cuts his hair! It was also held in the gym at Bella and Edward's school

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Does it matter if you buy the twilight book with the apple or with the characters as a cover?

The content of the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer does not change whether you buy it with a cover of an apple being held or with a cover of the characters Bella and Edward being portrayed by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The price might change, though.

What is the book eclipise about?

The book Eclipse is about when Edward and Bella are reunited and Victoria is trying to kill Bella to avenge her mate, James's death. Victoria makes an army of new born vampires to wipe out Bella and the Cullens. The Cullens formed a truce with the werewolves and defeated the new borns . While this is happening Charlie is under the impression that Bella is at a sleep over with Alice and all the other Cullens are out of town. Edward stays with Bella in a tent while the war is going on and Victoria finds them. She was with a vampire named Riley. Seth was there too and helped kill Riley then Edward kills Victoria. after the war Bella is supposed to be at Alice's still so she stays. The others went hunting while Edward holds Bella hostage ( this time she liked being held hostage ) . Edward proposes to Bella and she says yes on account that if she wanted Edward to be the one to change her this is what she had to do.

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Not quite, its about a girl trying to get back home with a little girl because theyve been held hostage for money.

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In the book breaking dawn where was the wedding of Bella and edward celebrated?

the wedding was held in the Cullen house.