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I don't think anyone really knows the actual answer, unless of course Stephenie Meyer writes more books about Twilight. But for now we can only guess. I would say maybe she wouldn't really care because she loves her mom a lot too and she can understand how he would love her. or she would care but get over it quickly cause she really likes Jacob. I don't know haha that's just my guess :)

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Q: What will renesmee do when she finds out Jacob kissed and used to be in love with her mom?
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Is Jacob in love with Bella and renesmee?

Jacob was in love with Bella until Bella got renesmee so Jacob loves renesmee

Why doesn't Jacob love Bella anymore after he sees Renesmee?

Jacob's love for Bella changes after he imprints on Renesmee, a supernatural bond in the "Twilight" series where a shape-shifter finds their soulmate. This imprinting overrides any romantic feelings Jacob had for Bella and redirects his love towards Renesmee as his soulmate. Therefore, Jacob's love for Bella shifts to a protective, familial love as Renesmee becomes his top priority and focus.

Who does renesmee love?

Jacob Black

Does Jacob Black love renesmee Cullen?


Do jacob and renesmee fall in love?


How does Jacob fall in love with renesmee when he loves Bella?

Jacob's love for Renesmee is not romantic, but rather a bond formed through imprinting, a phenomenon in the Twilight series where a shapeshifter finds their soulmate. In this case, Jacob imprints on Renesmee as a protector and guide, akin to a big brother figure rather than a lover. His romantic love for Bella remains unchanged.

Is renesmee Cullen in love with Jacob Black?


Does it mean Jacob love Renesmee?

yes. he imprinted on her

What is going to happen to Jacob and rennesmee?

Well jacOb &renesmee fall in lOve but we dO nOt knOw what happens after that(; they prObably fall in lOve get married maybe have kids IF renesmee is able tO dO that

Does Jacob fall in love with renesmee for Bella's sake or does he love her?

he imprints on her!

Does Jacob love renesmee?

Yes. Jacob says a werewolf finds his soulmate in the child of Edward and Bella. I think that's a bit weird but who am I to judge my favorite movie and a werewolf for the matter.

Who is Renesmee's true love from the Volturi?

She doesn't have one. SHe's in love with Jacob.