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she's not even a week old. and Jacob fell in love with her first he imprinted on her so that's how trhat story happened

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Q: How old is renesmee when she falls in love with Jacob?
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How Old Is Renesmee When Jacob Imprints Her?

minutes old

How old is renesmee when Jacob imprints on her?

Nessie is only a couple minutes old when Jacob imprints on her

How old was renesmee when jacob imprinted on her?

About an hour old or something - it was right after she was born.

How old was Jacob when he imprinted in renesmee?

about somewhere around the age of 18

How old was renesmee when Jacob imprints her?

About 10 minutes old. He imprinted on her the first time he saw her.

Do Jacob and renesmee fall in love in breaking dawn park 2?

SHe does she knows what's going on and she loves him and he is all hers im not sure but i think it said that Bella was talking or something like that and Nessie was Looking at them im not sure but whatever it does not matter he's hers Eva hoped this helped or not!!

How old is edward Alice Bella Emmett Esme Rosalie jasper Jacob carlise and Renesmee all together?

work it outt !!

Isnt jacob too old for renesmee on breaking dawn?

In a human world yes. But Jacob doesn't age as he is a werewolf- remember the growth spurt he had? Technically he's about 26 but he isn't getting any older and while Renesmee is growing up, he acts more like a brother and a friend to her than a lover.

Isn't it kind of gross that in breaking dawn the movie Jacob will be imprinting on the ten year old Renesmee?

Yes, yes it is. If he's gonna marry Renesmee one day, it's gonna mean he kissed his mother-in-law. Ew.

How old will Renesmee Cullen be when she can have a relationship with Jacob Black?

They have always had a relationship in which they cared for each other but Renesemee will be fully grown at age 7, so it is around then.

How old is Jacob when he imprints renesmee?

He is sixteen because he turned into a wolf at the age 16 and wolves stop ageing after they turn until they decide not to be a wolf anymore.

Who are the main charicters in twilight?

Edward Cullen - The vampire that Bella falls in love with Jacob Black - The werewolf that Bella has feelings for Bella Swan - A 17 year old girl that is the main protagonist in the Twilight series