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One Time is the song by Justin Bieber that has "you make me happy" in it.

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I think any song could make you happy check this one out

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Q: What song by Justin Bieber has You Make Me Happy in it?
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What Justin Bieber songs make you happy and why?

justin biebers song boyfriend makes me happy because i luv how he raps in it and it makes me happy to listin to him:p <3<3<3

What year did Justin bieber make the song one time?

Justin Bieber wrote the song himself. He released it as a single in 2009.

Will Justin Bieber make a new song?

yes he will and he will not make a song to his fans.

Who does justin bieber want to make a song with?


Did kesha and Justin bieber make a song together?


When did Justin Bieber make the song boyfriend?

ilove it

Did Justin bieber make a song for Selena Gomez?

there is no prove that Justin Bieber did but he might later on in his famous life.

Who wrote Justin Bieber's song Boyfriend?

Justin Bieber writed the song

Which song will Justin Bieber make a video for?

u smile

When did Justin Bieber make the song one time?


Why did ludacris make a song with Justin bieber?

he said he is his inspiration

How do you make Justin Bieber like us?

You Sing A song To Him