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Q: What is the name of girl in Justin Bieber song Justin Bieber - Baby ft Ludacris?
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Who is the girl in the baby video by Justin Bieber ft ludacris?

brian smith

Who is in Justin biebers song baby?

Ludicrous aka Luda feats Justin Bieber in baby

What is Justin Bieber hit song?

Justin Biebers hit song right now is still Baby Ft Ludacris

Does Justin Bieber have a cousin that is a baby girl?

yeshe does

What is a song about a girl you cant have?

Baby - Justin Bieber

Was the song baby by Justin Bieber for any girl?


What was the song Justin Bieber wrote about the girl who said she had his baby?


Doesjustin bieber have a baby with a lady in her 20s or 30s?

does justin bieber have a baby with a girl in her 20s or 30s

Did Justin combs really get a girl pregnant?

No. Justin Bieber has not gotten any girl pregnant. Neither his girlfriend nor a fan.One of Justin Bieber's fans, Mariah Yeater claimed that Justin Bieber was the father of her baby. Justin Bieber went for DNA testing and it was determined that he was not the father of the baby. (See "related questions" below for more information).

How old was the girl in Baby that Justin Bieber kissed?

she WAS 16 i think xoxoxox LUV U JUSTIN BIEBER!

What is Justin Biebers new song coming out November 3rd?

the only new song that just came out by Justin bieber is pray and it's a very very good song

What is the girl name in baby by Justin Bieber?

Jessica Jarell