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No. Justin Bieber has not gotten any girl pregnant. Neither his girlfriend nor a fan.

One of Justin Bieber's fans, Mariah Yeater claimed that Justin Bieber was the father of her baby. Justin Bieber went for DNA testing and it was determined that he was not the father of the baby. (See "related questions" below for more information).

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no Justin Bieber did not get a girl pregnant hes not that stupid:)

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Q: Did Justin combs really get a girl pregnant?
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If u mean 'Did Justin Bieber really make a girl pregnant' then no!

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Is it true that Justin Bieber got that girl pregnant?

No it is not true that Justin Bieber got a girl pregnant, that could potentially ruin his career and chances in life. -_-

Has Justin Bieber gotten a girl prengnant?

No, as of 2011 he has not gotten a girl pregnant.

Has justin bieber got a girl pregnant?

NO, its a false rumor

What is the girls names that Justin bieber got pregnant on his world tour?

he didn't get a girl pregnant!

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What is the name of the girl that lied of being pregnant with Justin bieber baby?

Mariah Yeater.

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Selena dumped Justin because he got another girl pregnant.

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Did Justin Bieber really have a kid with a girl?

No, it was completely untrue.