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it is a break up song

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Q: What is the mood of the song baby by Justin bieber?
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Who helped Justin bieber write baby?

Ludacris helped Justin Bieber with his song Baby.

What Justin Bieber song is about you?


What is justin Bieber's baby?

a song

What song did Justin Bieber perform at KCA's?

Justin Bieber played ''BABY''

What type of song is Justin Bieber's Baby?


What is the Song of the Siren?

Justin Bieber's "Baby, Baby".

Who sings Justin Biebers song Baby?

Justin Bieber

What was Justin Bieber's fourth song?


What song has Justin Bieber sing?


What is a popular Justin Bieber song?


What song is baby baby baby?

The song could be Baby by Justin Bieber OR also it could be U2 - Ultraviolet, as the last person posted, so don't get your hopes up that it's just the Justin Bieber song. TLC Joss Stone Justin Bieber all have baby baby baby songs

Is there a song called oh baby?

No but there is a song called baby by Justin bieber