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Q: How many dislikes does Justin Bieber's song Baby have on YouTube?
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Does Justin biebers brother have a YouTube account?

Justin bieber's brother does not have a youtube account why would he hes a little baby he isn't even one yet

Which one of Justin Biebers songs that he put on youtube got the most views?

Baby Bieber is a Youtube video which shows Justin Bieber singing Baby, a popular song by the singer, when he was 5 years old. __ million views on youtube.

Was it Justin biebers baby?


Who sings Justin Biebers song Baby?

Justin Bieber

Who is Justin Biebers best baby sitter?

Justin Beiber does not need a baby sitter.

What is Justin Biebers ninth song?


Is it really Justin biebers baby trystan?


What is Justin biebers baby named?

He doesn't have a baby.

What is the name of Justin Biebers 1st albumb?

the answer is baby

What is Justin Biebers most sucsceful song?


Who is Justin Biebers baby mom?

He dont have a kid!!

How old is justin biebers baby?

He dusnt have one