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converse nike n shoes from urban outfitter :)

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Q: What kind of shoes does Joe Jonas wear?
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What size shoes does Joe Jonas wear?

He wear's size 10 in shoes.

What kind of underwear does Joe Jonas wear?

joe Jonas wears boxers and one of them are pink

What kind of shoes does nick Jonas like?

the kind that you get at American apparel. or urban outfitters. =] ♥ always, Kevin Jonas [yes me, joe, and nick are brothers]

Does Joe Jonas wear Vans?

well he wears Vans but hes favorite shoes are Converse''converse are my shoes they ,can look good with anything you wear''Nick Jonas.

Does Nick Jonas wear boxers?

no he wears tighty wighty LOL i don't know what kind of underwear he wears

What is joe jonas' favorite pair of shoes?

pink vans shoes

Does Joe Jonas like his banana shoes?

yes he does

What is Joe Jonas' favorite kind of music?

Joe Jonas is a pop singer.

What kind of girl does Joe Jonas like?

He likes girls that are funny, like to dress, are pretty and that wear leggings.

What kind of phone does Joe Jonas like?

Joe Jonas has a black berry phone.

Does Joe Jonas wear airwalks?


Does Joe Jonas wear sandels?