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Nick: Convrese, Polos, Skinny jeans Joe: Skater shoes, Skinny jeans, Rockers t-shirts Kevin: Skinny jeans, T-shirts, Skater shoes

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2008-08-25 03:27:26
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Q: What clothes does the Jonas brothers usually wear?
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What does Nick Jonas usually wear?

clothes and skinney jeans

What clothes do the Jonas Brothers wear while they perform?

They wear "formal rock," as they like to call it. If you google or youtube their concerts you will see.

What do the Jonas brothers wear on their tv show?

Clothing When their in school on the show they wear uniforms (they are real cute).When they are out of school on the show they wear the type of clothes they wear in real life.

What do you wear to a Jonas Brothers concert?

most Jonas brothers fans wear:Jonas brothers shirtand anything else Jonas brothersBUT if you don't have anything that is Jonas brothers DON'T worry because you don't have to wear Jonas brothers clothesyou can just go casual!when you go to a Jonas brothers concert there are a lot of people that go casual and a lot of people who go in Jonas brothers clothes.but at the end of the day it is up to you what you want to wear!

What did the wright brothers wear?


Do the Jonas Brothers still wear purity rings?

Yes the Jonas brothers still wear their purity rings it's until marrige.

What do the Jonas brothers wear to bed?


Do the Jonas Brothers wear diapers?

Yes they do

Does the Jonas brothers wear boxers or briefs?

NicK Jonas, Joe Jonas wear boxer-briefs and sometimes briefs.

Jonas brothers wear boxer briefs?


What type of underwear do the Jonas brothers wear?

The Jonas Brothers have been spotted wearing standard white briefs. This allows the brothers to wear tighter pants during concerts.

What size does the Jonas Brothers wear?

Size 8

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