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yes..well Joe Jonas plays Joe Lucas in the Jonas brothers' new show on Disney Channel, JONAS.

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Q: Is Joe Lucas also Joe Jonas?
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What are the brothers last name on the show Jonas?

Their last names are Lucas. Nick Lucas is played by Nick Jonas, Joe Lucas is played by Joe Jonas, and Kevin Lucas is played by Kevin Jonas.

What are the names of the charters in Jonas?

Joe Jonas- Joe Lucas Nick Jonas- Nick Lucas Kevin Jonas- Kevin Lucas Chelsea Stub- Stella Malone Nicole Anderson - Macy Misa

What are the Jonas brothers last name on their TV show Jonas?

It is 'Lucas'. Joe Lucas, Nick Lucas, Kevin Lucas and Frankie Lucas.

What are the Jonas Brothers real last name?

The Jonas Brothers real last name is Lucas which would be Nick Lucas, Joe Lucas, and Kevin Lucas they got the name Jonas from what street they lived on.

Who is cuter Lucas Till or Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonass!!! all thee wayy! dudeee:)

Informathion about Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas is the lead singer in the Jonas Brothers. He plays Joe Lucas in the original Disney series JONAS. He plays Shane Gray in the orignal Disney movie Camp Rock.

Why are the Lucas brothers called the Jonas Brothers?

ikr. i was so confused about that! on my guide it says like the lucas brothers. but in the show, JONAS they are never officially called the Jonas brothers, they are called Jonas. in the show, they are named Jonas because they live on Jonas street. so when that girl macy says "Joe of Jonas" she means joe of Jonas street(: do you get it? ahah its kinda confusing.

Who is cuter Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas definatly nick is also BUT JOEE

Why does it say jucas brothers for Jonas Brothers?

In their Disney Channel Show "JONAS", the Jonas Brothers: Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas play Joe, Nick and Kevin Lucas. The boys are a part of a band called JONAS, named after the street they live on.

What is Joe Jonas's history?

Joseph Adam Jonas, aka Joe Jonas or Danger, was born on August 15, 1989 in Arizona. He is in a teen pop Disney boy band the Jonas Brothers. He is the lead singer. He also plays tambourine,guitar, and the piano/keyboard. =) He starred as Shane Gray in the original Disney movie Camp Rock. He and his brothers are in an original series JONAS. He plays Joe Lucas in JONAS.

Who is in the TV show Jonas?

The actors that are in the JONAS and Jonas L.A. are Joe Jonas that portrays Joe Lucas, Nick Jonas that portrays the role of Nick Lucas, Kevin Lonas who portrays Kevin Lucas, Chelsea Kane (then known as Chelsea Staub) who portrays the role of Stella Malone, Nicole Anderson who portrays the role of Macy Misa, John Ducey who portrays the role of Tom Lucas, Frankiie Jonas who portrays Frankie Lucas, Rebecca Creskoff who portrays Sandy Lucas, Chuck Hittinger who portrays Van Dyke Tosh, Tangelina Rouse who portrays Mrs. Snark and China Anne McClain who portrays Kiara Tyshanna.

Who are the cast of Jonas LA?

Kevin Jonas as Kevin Lucas, Joe Jonas as Joe Lucas, Nick Jonas as Nick Lucas, Chelsea Staub as Stella Malone, Nicole Anderson as Macy Misa and Emma Roberts appears once as Herself in the first episode "House Party", and Vanessa Page as Abby Pivaronas and Frankie Jonas comes twice (so far I know) as Frankie Lucas Big Man as Himself in a few episodes and Kiera Big Man's niece and she appears in 2 episodes (so far I know). Well, I hope This helped you!

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