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The isn't a character in Harry Potter named Joe Jonas. Joe Jonas is the lead singer for the band The Jonas brothers.

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Q: Who is Joe Jonas in harry poter series?
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Was Joe Jonas in the movie Harry Potter?


Does joe have a crush on Stella?

In the JONAS series. Not real life. But if were talking JONAS series then yea i think she does. Joe deffintially has a crush on her tho <3

Is Joe Jonas a fan of Harry Potter?

no. it was just a rumor.

Informathion about Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas is the lead singer in the Jonas Brothers. He plays Joe Lucas in the original Disney series JONAS. He plays Shane Gray in the orignal Disney movie Camp Rock.

In the Disney channel series Jonas what are the boys last name?

There Names Are Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas And Nick Jonas

Is there anybody that the Jonas brothers like?

Joe Jonas has a crush on Ema Watson also know as Herminie on Harry Potter

Does Joe Jonas have a weemee?

joe is joe Jonas nick is nick Jonas Kevin is Kevin Jonas

Did Joe Jonas kiss Stella in Jonas la?

No but eventually in the series the producers might make them go out.

Who is prettier Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas?

joe jonas

What is Joe Jonas' autograph?

Joe Jonas in cursive

Does Joe Jonas have a son?

No, Joe Jonas does not have a son.

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Joe Jonas's dad's.................. what?