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Their last names are Lucas. Nick Lucas is played by Nick Jonas, Joe Lucas is played by Joe Jonas, and Kevin Lucas is played by Kevin Jonas.

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There Last Names Are Jonas!

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Q: In the show JONAS what are the brothers last name?
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What are the Jonas brothers last name on their show Jonas?


Who honas schools the Jonas Brothers?

They have a tutor that goes with them on the road. I am not sure what her name is though.

What is the Jonas Brothers real last name?

Look i know alot of people are saying their last name is Lucas and they live on Jonas street But None of that is TRUE!!!Their real last Name is Jonas And they BOUGHT AND LIVE on Jonas ST.

What does jona mean?

It's a Hebrew name meaning a sign or gift from God. Variants include Jonah, Joanes, and Johannes.

What are the Jonas brothers last name on their TV show Jonas?

It is 'Lucas'. Joe Lucas, Nick Lucas, Kevin Lucas and Frankie Lucas.

Why Are the Jonas Brothers really brothers?

They were originally going to name themselves Sons of Jonas, but when they moved to Hollywood Records, their manager thought they needed a different name and called them by 'the Jonas Brothers', so they quickly changed their name.

In the new Jonas brothers tv series Jonas what does Jonas stand for?

* J Junior * O Operatives * N Networking * A As * S Spies--------------------------------------- wrong, they changed the plot of the show. JONAS is the name of the band. and Lucus are their last names in the show The name JONAS came from the street they live on. (Jonas Street)

On the Jonas Brothers Show what is Nicole's real last name?

If you're referring to the girl that plays Macy , her real name is Nicole Anderson .

Where was the last show of the Jonas Brothers Burning Up tour performed?


Are the Jonas Brothers changing to the Lucas Brothers?

No, they're not. It's just the name Disney says they're going to pretend to be for the TV show JONAS. Although that may not be true, because in the show, they're not called 'Lucas Brothers', but 'Jonas Brothers'.

What is the name of the new Jonas Brothers Disney Channel show set to premiere this year?

it is Jonas

Is Jonas the Jonas Brothers very first show?

Together as the Jonas brothers, yes.