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none he doesn't wear underwear!!!!!!!!!!! none he doesn't wear underwear!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What colour underwear does Joe Jonas wear?
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What kind of underwear does Joe Jonas wear?

joe Jonas wears boxers and one of them are pink

Does Joe Jonas wear flower underwear?

no he dosent at least i think.

Does Joe Jonas wear underwear with mickey mouse or other cartoons on them?

probably not. but he does wear tighty whities

Is there a magazine with Joe Jonas in his underwear?

why would you even want to see Joe Jonas in his underwear!!

What is Joe Jonas fav colour?

Joe Jonas fave colour is blue

Is green nick Jonas favourite coulor or joe Jonas?

green is joe's favorite colour and dark blue is nick's favorite colour

What is Joe Jonas's eye colour?


What colour is Joe Jonas room?

its white

What is Joe Jonas fave colour?

Joe's favorite color is blue

What is joe Jonas' favourite colour?

blue is joe's favorite color.

Which is favorite colour of Nick Jonas Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas?

Nick:Royal Blue Joe: Purple/ Electric Indigo Kevin:Forest Green

What size shoes does Joe Jonas wear?

He wear's size 10 in shoes.