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the baby's name is renesme

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Q: What is the vampire baby's name in twilight?
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How many babys did Bella have in twilight?

She just has one and her name is Renesmee.

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What is the name of the vampire hunter who cases Bella in twilight?

The vampire hunter is called James

What is the name of the vampire who chases down Bella?

James in Twilight

Can you name some good books on vampire love story like twilight?

Try the vampire diaries

Who you the cutest vampire in twilight?

Edward Cullen is the cutest vampire in Twilight.

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What was the name of the movie about teenage vampires?

twilight Buffy the vampire slayer

What came out first vampire diaries or the twilight series?

twilight came out first but, Vampire Diaries already had a book. So basicly it would have to be Twilight but Vampire Diaries was being made at this time.So i would say Twilight but Twilight compied Vampire Diaries.

In twilight what was Edward's last name before turning to a vampire?

Edward Mason

What is the name of the half vampire boy in Twilight I think it started with an N?