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The girl Felix killed was a vampire. And her name was Bree. If you have any more questions about Twilight ask, please!!!!

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Q: At the end of eclipse the movie was the girl feilx killed a vampire?
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Who does Christopher Lee play in 'Eclipse'?

He isn't in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. He is in Dracula though, which is also a vampire movie.

Will Bella become a vampire in new moon the movie?

No, since she gets turned in Breaking Dawn they will most definitely wait until the Breaking Dawn and/or Eclipse movie (there is speculation that Breaking Dawn and Eclipse will be combined into one movie).

What movie is going to come out after New Moon?

The Next movie after TwILIGHT is new moon and then ECLIPSE and then BREAKING DAWN......Get it? I'm a vampire.... I know what is in the future

In a single sentences what is the movie all about in twilight?

A human who falls in love with a vampire, thens almost gets killed by another vampire.

Did Victoria get killed in the eclipse movie?

Yes Edward ripped her head off and burned the pieces

When Bella becomes a vampire what movie will it happen in?

Most likely the Breaking Dawn or Eclipse movie. There is speculation on whether the two will be combined, so I can't say for sure.

Will Bella ever become a vampire in any of the movies?

Yes, in the last movie breaking dawn.......and we will enjoy both eclipse and breaking dawn

In the movie Eclipse what was Rosalie's reaction to herself after becoming a vampire?

she didnt belive it but the eyes and bloodlust proved it. then she hated it. she wanted 2 be a normal human

Are they going to make a movie for eclipse?

Yes there is a Eclipse movie.

What is the vampire twilight movie called?

theres 3 out now, they are (in order) Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. They are worling on the 4th one, Breaking Dawn, now.

Is Stephenie Meyer making a movie for eclipse?

Yes there is a movie for Eclipse.

When will eclipse com out on movie?

eclipse movie will be out on June 30\6\2010