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The talented vampire, Jane, who resides with the Volturi as a guard is never given a last name in The Twilight Saga.

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i believe his last name is SUTHERLAND

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Q: What is James last name is Twilight?
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What is James's real name from Twilight?

James from Twilight does not have a last name. Vampires rarely have last names, and usually go by their coven name.

What is Cameron gigandets name in the movie twilight?

James... no last name

Does James in the movies twilight have a last name?

James was one of the characters that was not given a surname.

Is James' last name Witherdale in twilight?

Yes, his last name is Witherdale. His real name is Cam Joslin Gigandet.

Is James' last name mentioned in the Twilight book?

No, nor is Laurent's, or Victoria's.

What is Victoria from Twilight's last name?

The character does not have a last name, she is simply known as 'Victoria'. The actress who plays her in the movie Twilight is called Rachelle Lefevre.

What is James name in twilight?

The actor that portrays "James" in the movie, Twilight is Cam Gigandet.

When does James die?

In Twilight about the third to last scene

In twilight what is Eric's last name?

His last name is Yorkie.

What is colins last name in twilight?

According to the Twilight saga official guide, his last name is Lahote

What is tyler's last name from Twilight?

tyler's last name is crowley

In the book Twilight who is the Hunter?

His name is James