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The song is called "Love Death Birth".

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Q: What is the song call that Edward and Renesmee plays on the piano before Alice has her vision in Breaking dawn part 2?
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What happens to Jacob and renesmee?

In the Twilight series, Jacob and Renesmee develop a strong bond and share a deep connection. They have a unique relationship as Jacob imprints on Renesmee, which means he becomes her protector and soulmate. Their relationship evolves and is explored further in the subsequent books in the series.

Did Alice warn Edward of her vision of Bella before he even met her?

No, Alice did not warn Edward about her vision of Bella before he met her. The vision happened after they had already met and fallen in love with Bella.

In Breaking Dawn what did Alice drop when she received a vision?

Her and Edward said "They are coming" "All of them"

What was Edward the confessors vision on his deathbed?

Edward the Confessors' vision on his deathbed was that Harold was going to take the throne.

What is Breaking Dawn part two about?

Part twp is bellas new life as a vampire with her family (edward and renesmee) and how jacob imprints on renesmee so he is now her family too. They go hunting where irina (from denali coven) sees nessie and thinks she is an inmortal child (which is forbidden) and dobs them into the volturi. alice sees a vision of this and that the volturi are coming to kill renesmee and the family. alice and jasper leave together on their own and they and the other family members get vamps around the world to come and witness for the them that renesmee isnt a immortal child but half vampire half human that grows and matures at a fast rate. Bella has her mission using clues frpm alice to prepare renesmee and jacob to run away if the volturi decide when they come to kill renesmee. She gets them illegal documents from a shady lawyer that jasper knows. The end is the comfrontation with the volturi and bella and edwards happily ever after

What is the resolution of Breaking Dawn?

Bella becomes pregnant Has baby-half vampire half human Bella becomes a vampire to survive The Volturi think her baby is an immortal infant (illegal) even though she grows There is a battle between Volturi and Cullens The Cullens win but the Volturi kills Irina for giving them false info about Bella's daughter

Who tells edward about alices vision in the new moon?

Rosalie tells Edward that Alice had a vision where she saw Bella jump off a cliff.

What has the author Allen Edward Koenig written?

Allen Edward Koenig has written: 'The farther vision'

Who is usually the first person to notice Alice cullens vision how and why?

normally it is Edward who knows when Alice has a vision 'cause he can read mind. does anyone Else know about her visions or just Edward?

In new moon when the Cullen's were at Bella's Party did Alice Cullen have a vision?

No, because Alice cannot see visions of wolves because she never was a wolf herself. She can see humans because she was one. She can see vampires in her visions very clearly though because she is one. So since she can't see wolves when it comes to her visions, no she did not see a vision about Jacob and Renesmee being together.

Does any of the wolfpack die in breaking dawn?

in alices vision but not in real life :)

Who tells edward that Bella dies in New Moon?

alice (she saw in a vision)