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of course not!


In fact, in a vision that Alice gives Aro, the Volturi leader, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Carlisle Cullen, and Jasper Cullen all dies, but ONLY in the vision she gives him. Also in the same vision the WHOLE Volturi group is completely wiped out. Edward and Bella kills Aro. Just as they are lighting Aro on fire Alice ends the vision.

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Q: Does seth clearwater die in breaking dawn part 2?
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Will bob who play's seth clearwater be in breaking dawn?

they don't know for sure if there will be a movie of Breaking Dawn.

Is seth Clearwater in breaking dawn 2?

Yes, very rarely.

Who will play Seth Clearwater in Breaking Dawn?

He will be played by Boo Boo Stewart.

Was Seth Clearwater in the hospital in Breaking Dawn?

No, Carlisle is a doctor so he took Seth to his house and took care of him there.

Who is playing seth in Breaking Dawn?

His name is Booboo Stewart and portrays the character Seth Clearwater in New Moon and Eclipse.

What are theother four members of Jacob Blacks wolfpacks names?

In breaking Dawn they are: Leah Clearwater. Seth Clearwater. Embry Call. Quil Aterra.

How does Seth Clearwater die in breaking dawn part 2?

the blond chick got in his head and caused him pain and then her brother came up and snapped his neck but it was only in the vision part of the movie from alice

Who is Nessie in breaking dawn part 2?

renesmee Cullen Seth calls her it

What is the wolf's name in Twilight?

Jacob Black Sam Uley Quil Ateara V Embry Call Paul Lahote Jared Cameron Leah Clearwater Seth Clearwater Seth Clearwater Collin Littlesea Brady Fuller the was seven others unknowed wolfs at the end of breaking dawn.

Will bobo who plays seth clearwater be in breaking dawn?

Depends if they still like him. Taylor Lautner was almost put out of New Moon but he was the best in the new auditions for Jacob but id say bobo woll play him in breaking dawn! :P

Who is the white werewolf in Breaking Dawn?

it is seth

How old is Seth in Breaking Dawn?


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