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Her and Edward said "They are coming" "All of them"

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She said "You broke it Bella, you pay for it."

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A Flower Vase

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Q: In Breaking Dawn what did Alice drop when she received a vision?
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Did carisle die in breaking dawn part 2?

No absolutely not. It was part of Alice's vision.

Does Alice in Eclepes have a kid?

no. Alice does not have a kid in eclipse or breaking dawn, but Bella has a kid in breaking dawn

Who gets killed first in twilight breaking dawn part 2?

they all die but its not really a real fight , its just alice's vision (of the fight )

Who killed carslile in breaking dawn part 2?

No one killed Carlisle in Breaking Dawn 2. In a vision that Alice shows Aro, Aro kills Carlisle. Aro decided not to fight when he sees his fate would end as well.

When Alice leaves in Breaking Dawn does she return?


What page in breaking dawn does Alice return?


Does Alice come back in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, she does.

What is the song call that Edward and Renesmee plays on the piano before Alice has her vision in Breaking dawn part 2?

The song is called "Love Death Birth".

Dose Alice die after Breaking Dawn?

no she doesnt dieblackbarbi

Who left when the Volturi were coming in Breaking Dawn?

Alice Cullen

In breaking dawn does Alice and Bella always get along?


What does Alice see in her vision in Breaking Dawn?

She saw that Carlisle, Jasper, Seth, Leah, Jane, Marcus and Aro died. EDIT. Technically Alice should not have been able to see anything. She can see when the werewolves are involved.