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Because later that night Bella and Edward make love. Alice knows because it is their honey moon they will do this so she thinks it will be fun to put in ligerie for Bella.

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Q: Why does Alice pack a lot of lingerie for Bella in Breaking Dawn?
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Does Alice in Eclepes have a kid?

no. Alice does not have a kid in eclipse or breaking dawn, but Bella has a kid in breaking dawn

What did Alice pack in Bella's suitcase?

It depends on what book you are referring to. If it is Breaking Dawn, while they were on there honeymoon, it was a box of tampons. Which reminded Bella that she missed her period. Also there was lingerie, and her bag of toiletries

In breaking dawn does Alice and Bella always get along?


What did Alice make Bella borrow on her wedding day?

In Breaking Dawn, Alice made Bella borrow a garter.

What does Rosalie help Alice with when fixing Bella up in the book Breaking Dawn?

Bella's hair.

Does edward or Alice change Bella in breaking dawn?

Edward, he has to to save her life.

Where did Bella get most of her clothing?

Well in Breaking Dawn, she got most of it from Alice.

Who design the wedding dress Bella wear in the film breaking dawn?


In Breaking Dawn where does Bella tell Alice to look for Renesmee?

Bella tells Alice to go to Rio de Janiero to hide Renesmee

Is breaking dawn to mature for 11 year olds?

I would not recommend it! In the book Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon and do what people do on honeymoons. Although, it does not go into extreme detail things are broken and Bella describes her lingerie that Alice packs. Bella also becomes pregnant. I would not recommend it!

What is Breaking Dawn chapter 3 about?

3. big day Alice gets Bella for her wedding and Edward and Bella get married.

Did Bella get pregnant in breaking dawn?

Yes, Bella did get pregnant in Breaking Dawn.