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yes Bella and edward gets married in breaking dawn

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No, in the last book (breaking dawn)

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Q: Does Bella marry edward in twilight?
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Twilight do Bella and Jake marry?

Bella and Jake do not marry. Bella and Edward get married in Breaking Dawn the last in the series.

What is the last line of the twilight new moon movie?

in the film, it was Edward. he said. 'i have one condition, marry me first' (not word for word)

Does Bella and edward marry in the second twilight movie?

Nope...not until later.

What did edward want in twilight eclipse?

for Bella to marry him before turning her into a vampire

What is the conclusion of the twilight new moon?

The conclusion is Edward asks Bella to marry him.

Who does Bella marry on twilight?

Nobody in Twilight but she marries Edward Cullen in the last book, Breaking Dawn.

Is Bella going to marry Edward Bella going to marry Edward from twilight?

Not in real life but in either eclipse or breaking dawn yes and Bella becomes a vampire i think. but im positive that Bella has Edwards baby

Does edward marry Bella in the 4th twilight book?

Yes they get married on August 13th.

Will Bella ever marry Edward in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer?

Yes, Bella and Edward get married in the last book, which is called Breaking Dawn.

What was the two lines before last in twilight new moon movie?

Edward: Marry me, Bella. Bella: [audible gasp]

What is the cliffhanger in new moon twilight?

At the very end Edward says: "Marry me Bella" and then all she does is gasp.

How does the film new moon end?

If you are referring to The Twilight Saga movie, then it ends with Edward asking Bella to marry him.