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Alice had a vision of Bella cliff diving, thinking of suicide. She told Rosalie who told Edward. Edward called the Swan home to check and Jacob seemed to confirm it. So, Rosalie.

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Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: Who told Bella that Edward committed suicide?
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What page in new moon does Rosalie tell edward the Bella committed suicide?

It's not in there since it is from Bella's POV but one can assume she told him sometime during the days that Alice was staying with Bella

Who told edward bella committed suicide?

Alice, Edward's sister saw a vision of Bella "Committing suicide" when she went cliff diving after Jacob and the Pack went because she thought she might be able to catch a glimpse of Edward again. Alice didn't see Jacob rescue her, though.

How does edward try committing suicide?

Yes in the trailer Alice goes because she had a vision that Bella died because she saw Bella jumping off the cliff and she told rosalie and rosalie thought that ment she was dead so she told edward and edward wanted to be with Bella so he wanted to die to

Does Bella and Edward get a devorce?

From what were told in the book Bella and Edward never get a divorce.

Who told Edward that Bella was dead?


Where was Edward when he told Bella what he was?

they were both in the woods

What is the conflict and resolution in new moon?

Edward leaves because he thinks he is hurting Bella. Then, Bella pretty much loses her mind. Then, if Bella does something dangerous, she hears Edward's voice as a halucination. So, she does dangerous things to hear Edward's voice. She jumped off a cliff and Rosalie told Edward that Bella committted suicide, and she didn't. Then, Edward goes to the Volturi so they will kill him because he thinks Bella is dead. After that Bella and Alice go to Edward not to have the Volturi kill him. Then, the great part is that Edward comes back to Bella and they are happy again.

Bella figured out that Edward was taking her to the prom after he what?

Told her.

What did Bella do after Edward said It's your turn not to break me in breaking dawn 2?

Bella grabbed Edward's butt and then told him that she loved him.

How did Edward know that Bella went to La Push before going to Angela's house in Eclipse?

cause Alice called him and told him that Bella's future disappeared and she panic and told edward that

How did edward family react to Bella beig pregnant?

Mad at first, then happy when Edward read the baby's mind and told them the baby loves Bella.

Why did Bella see edward when she was in danger?

Bella saw Edward when she was in danger because when Edward left, he told Bella not to do anything stupid or reckless. Therefore, when she did do something stupid or reckless, she had a memory sort of hallucination of Edward telling her not to do something stupid or reckless.

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