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Who gave Bella the necklace that was part of the crown jewels as a wedding gift

What was the name of Bellas dad

Did Bella kill a Volturi

Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: Who told Edward that Bella was dead?
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Who told Edward Bella was Dead in New Moon?

After Alice sees a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff, she assumes that she is dead. Rosalie finds out, then calls Edward to tell him.

Was edward happy when Bella told him she was pregnant?

No Edward was not happy when Bella told him she was pregnant. Edward was afraid.

Does Bella and Edward get a devorce?

From what were told in the book Bella and Edward never get a divorce.

How does edward try committing suicide?

Yes in the trailer Alice goes because she had a vision that Bella died because she saw Bella jumping off the cliff and she told rosalie and rosalie thought that ment she was dead so she told edward and edward wanted to be with Bella so he wanted to die to

How does Edward Cullen find out that Bella is dead?

Rosalie told him because Alice saw her fall, but then Jacob saved her and she's NOT dead.

Where was Edward when he told Bella what he was?

they were both in the woods

Does Bella's dad thinks Bella's dead when they told him?

They never told Charlie that Bella was dead. They said that she was sick and needed time to recover.

Why did Edward want to kill himslef after he was told that Bella was dead Why did he want to kill himself after telling Bella that he doesn?

Bella tryed to kill herself because she thought if she would keep trying Edward would come back to Forks

Who tells edward that Bella is dead?


Who told Edward that Bella jump off the cliff and died?

Alice saw Bella jump off the cliff in her vision, told rosalie and rosalie told edward. hope that helps!

Bella figured out that Edward was taking her to the prom after he what?

Told her.

Who did Edward go to when he thought Bella was dead?

Edward went to the volturi when he thought that Bella was dead ... And he went there to ask from the volturi to kill him ... but they didn't kill him ...

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