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They never told Charlie that Bella was dead. They said that she was sick and needed time to recover.

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Q: Does Bella's dad thinks Bella's dead when they told him?
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Does Bellas parents know she is a vampire?

only charlie (bellas dad) know that she is a vampire but that is not untill after she has renesmee and renee thinks she is sick (her mom)

What was the name of Bellas dad?


What is the name of Bellas dad?

Bella's dad's name is Charlie Swan and her step dads name is Phil!

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Yes Charlie (Bellas dad) finds out that Edward is a vampire because Bella tell him also he finds out for himself a bit

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Bella's step-dad, Phil Dwyer, is a minor league baseball player, although his career is not the focus of the story in the Twilight series.

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