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only charlie (bellas dad) know that she is a vampire but that is not untill after she has renesmee and renee thinks she is sick (her mom)

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Who gave Bella the necklace that was part of the crown jewels as a wedding gift

What was the name of Bellas dad

Did Bella kill a Volturi

Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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no they dont know she keeps it a secret from hur parents =)

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Q: Does Bellas parents know she is a vampire?
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What Is bellas power as a vampire?

her power is a shield

What are bellas parents names?

Charlie and Renee

Dose Bella's parents know that she is a vampire?


What could Edwrad do as a vampire?

He could read peoples minds except Bellas!

What was bellas gift?

in breaking dawn when Bella is a vampire, her gift is a mental shield

How do you become a vampire twilight vampire as edward?

Well you would either have to be bitten By the Cullen family or Be One Of Edward & Bellas children

How is Renesmee As a Vampire and Human?

she is Edward and Bellas child so shes half human half vampire because Bella was human when they made her

What milestone did the Cullens celebrate after Bella became a vampire?

mothers day I thought it was Bellas 19th Birthday

Does Jacob know that he's imprinted on Bellas daughter?


What is the plot of twilight braking dawn?

Bellas & Edwards wedding, Honeymoon & her getting pregnant. i think !! & also her becoming a Vampire !

Does Bella's dad find out that edward is a vampire in breaking dawn?

Yes Charlie (Bellas dad) finds out that Edward is a vampire because Bella tell him also he finds out for himself a bit

Why does Rosalie NOT want to have Bella turn into a vampire in twilight?

Because she is VERY jealous of Bellas being human. I would be jealous too~!