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Coach Clapp.

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Q: What is the name of bellas gym teacher?
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What is the name of Bella Swan's Gym Teacher?

Her gym teachers name is Coach Clapp

What is the birth name of Miles Bellas?

Miles Bellas's birth name is Anthony Miles Bellas.

What is the name of bellas english teacher at forks high school?

The name of Bella's English teacher at Forks High School is Mr. Mason. The headmaster's name is Harold Greene and the secretary is Shelly Cope.

Is Pam a boy or a girl?

A girl. My gym teacher's name was Pam.

Name of Bellas Baby?


What is bellas mothers name?


What is bellas father name?

Charlie Swan

In Eclipse what is Bellas Grandmothers name?

Marie i think...

What is a PE teacher?

Physical Education or Gym teacher

What is lynrd skynrd named after?

They chose their name after their high school gym teacher-Leonard Skinner.