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Benoit's special was the Crippler Cross Face in which he would get his arms and locks them in front of your face and pulls as hard as he can so you can tap out.

His second special was the Diving Headbutt, whose name was originally called "The Swan Dive". Diving Headbutt is where he would jump off the turnbuckle and hits his opponent with his head first.

He also had the Sharpshooter which is also a painful strong submission move.

Alot of these manouveres were his '' Finishers '' although he had many Signature moves during his career, such as ;

  • Back body drop ,
  • Backhand chop ,
  • Dragon screw ,
  • Figure four leglock ,
  • Forearm smash ,
  • Headbutt ,
  • Lariat ,
  • Multiple suplex variations ,
    • Belly to back
    • Bridging Northern Lights
    • Exploder
    • German Suple
    • Gutwrench
    • Hat Trick (Triple rolling Germans)
    • Slingshot
    • Snap
    • Superplex
    • Three Amigos (Triple rolling verticals) - used as a tribute to Eddie Guerrero
  • Shoulderbreaker - 2001-2003 ,
  • Spinebuster - 1991-1994 ,
  • Springboard clothesline - 1994-1998 ,
  • Suicide dive.
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Q: What is the signature move of Chris Benoit?
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