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Check on create move sets and go to edge's signature move

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Q: What is edge's signature moves in svr 10?
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When is svr 2010 going to be out?

SVR 10 was out the 21rd

Will kizarny be on svr 10?

yes,he will be,but they arent sure if theres going to be a svr 10

What is better svr 11 of svr 10?

SvR 2011 because it has more realistic gameplay than SvR 2010..I rate 6.2 for SvR 2010 and 7.1 for SvR 2011

Is svr 09 for psp?

yep. Wait for svr 10 though.

How do you unlock shamus in svr 2010?

you cant. they made svr 10 before sheamus was in wwe

Which game is better svr 09 or svr 10?

i have all the SVR games and the smackdown games 09 and 10 both where bad years the best games are 06,07,11, here comes the pain, and shut your mouth

How do you get vance archer on svr 2010 for psp?

create him or download him psp online he is not avalible for svr 10

When does svr 10 come out in stores?

round December

Does svr 10 for ps2 come out August 23?


When will svr 10 come out?

October 20th 2009

Is there a cheat code for bob orton on svr 10?


How much does svr 09 cost?

it is 10 to 20 dollars