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Q: What is cocky boys' model Justin Matthews real name?
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Why is it that black boys are cocky?

It is not accurate to make sweeping generalizations about any group of people based on their race or gender. Cockiness can be displayed by individuals of any background and is influenced by a variety of factors, such as personality, upbringing, and environment.

Do some boys like Justin Bieber?

Yeah, there are boys who like Justin, they call them self 'BoyBeliebers'

How many boys are fans of Justin Bieber?

only about 1% of boys like justin bieber. and that 1% of boys are either gay or bisexual.

Is the justin bieber perfume for girls or boys?

The answer to that answer is the Justin Biebers' perfume is for girls sorry boys but yes its for girls

Does Justin Bieber Love Abbi?

No. Justin likes only boys in that way.

What is the average of boys haircuts like Justin Bieber?

exactly 352 boys worldwide have haircuts just like Justin Beiber xx

Does britney spears like girls or boys?

Boys. She dated Justin Timberlake.

Has Justin bieber dated boys?


Does Justin love boys?

Not sexually, he is heterosexual

Do some boys like Justin Beiber?

Yes there are probably plenty of boys who like Justin Beiber, as he has millions of fans all over the world.

What is Justin Biebers favourite boys name?

Justin and biebers

Can boys be a fan of Justin Bieber?

Of course. If they like Justin's songs, anyone can be a fan!