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Justin Bieber's parent's number is personal and private. It is not given out to the public, including fans.

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his number is 240-294-3357. he'd kill me if he new i gave the number out. we were pretty good friends, but we got in a fight.

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WikiAnswers does not provide personal details of anyone, celebrity or not.

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Q: What is Justin Bieber's parent's phone number?
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Is justin biebers phone number 28282?

No, it is not.

How can you be Justin Biebers friend?

what is Justin bieber's phone number, his real one

What is Justin biebers phone number in 2014?

We don't give out personal phone numbers here.

What is Justin biebers extension for his phone number?

i don't know but search it on google.

Can you give justin biebers cell phone number away?

i van here it is 435-6455

What is Justin Biebers phone number you need to ask him if he will send me a signed teddy bear of his?

you ask him his phone number it is 1613-786-9797

Dont you think these people should quit trying to get Justin Biebers number and email?

yes Justin bieber should give cell phone number out to the world

What is Justin biebers phone number or email?

Oh I know! Its 555-not gonna happen! Oh and :)

What is justin biebers real phone?


What Justin Biebers new cell phone number?

786-654-3541">786-654-3541not real

Why is Justin biebers phone gone?

because he was atracted to the girls or a girlstole it

How do you get ahold of Justin Biebers agent?

Email him, Write him a letter, Phone him.