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Q: What is a new cell phone number of Justin bieber?
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What is Justin Bieber's cell phone number.?


What is justin bieber own cell phone number?

He doesn't give out his cell phone number out to fans....sorry!

Do Justin bierber have a cell phone?

Justin Bieber has a Cell Phone

Is it illiegal to send justin bieber your cell phone number?

No send him your phone number will he bother to even call you

What is justin bieber's current cell phone number?

Well, justin bieber does not give out his cell phone number to his fans because his phone would never stop ringing but he does have a texting number for his fans and he always replies the number is 727-258-5956

Does Justin Bieber have a cellphone?

Yes, Justin Bieber does have a cell phone.

What are some stars cell phone numbers?

justin bieber number is 217-218-3133

What is Justin Bieber email and cell phone number?

2404278087, I paid some website to get it. It really is him!

Does Justin Bieber have a alltel cell phone?


What kind of cell dos Justin Bieber have?

he has a i-phone .

What is Justin Bieber's dead serious cell phone number? does not give out personal information about celebrities.

What is justin bieber mobile cell phone number?

1 386 965 1716 he has been in Florida.