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Q: What is Justin Bieber's cell phone number.?
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Can you give justin biebers cell phone number away?

i van here it is 435-6455

How do you get ahold of Justin Biebers agent?

you use a cell phone . (:

Dont you think these people should quit trying to get Justin Biebers number and email?

yes Justin bieber should give cell phone number out to the world

What Justin Biebers new cell phone number?

786-654-3541">786-654-3541not real

What is Justin Biebers cell texting number?

You will never find his real cell phone number unless you personally know him because he will change it every time it gets out on the internet.

What is Justin Biebers cell?


What is Justin Biebers real mobile phone number not the fan one?

no one knows because Justin doesn't want his cell phone ringing every few seconds so he only gives his number to friends and family sorry to tell you that girls i love Justin too

What is justin bieber own cell phone number?

He doesn't give out his cell phone number out to fans....sorry!

What is Justin cell phone number for 2010?


What is justin biebers cell phone number for real?

NO this is justin bieber and my number is 701-580-2929 now i trust you all dont panic when you call k? LOVE MY FANS! NOT REAL NUMBER Do not i repeat Do NOT give your hopes up this is not a real number he wouldnt give his number out like that

Do Justin bierber have a cell phone?

Justin Bieber has a Cell Phone

What is justin bieber's current cell phone number?

Well, justin bieber does not give out his cell phone number to his fans because his phone would never stop ringing but he does have a texting number for his fans and he always replies the number is 727-258-5956

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