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I don't know if Justin Bieber answers his phone because i don't know his phone number !Justin real phone number?

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Q: Does Justin Bieber answer his real phone?
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How can you be Justin Biebers friend?

what is Justin bieber's phone number, his real one

What is Justin bieber's extremely real phone number?


Do Justin Bieber have a houes phone?

Are you kidding me? Here is justin bieber REAL PHONE NUMBER : it was leaked by his EX girlfriend ;)

What does Justin Bieber real name in real life?

Justin Drew Bieber

What is Justin Bieber's real name?

Justin Drew Bieber is his real name.

Is Justin Bieber real name Justin Bieber mantle?

no, it's justin drew bieber

Why does Justin Bieber not answer his phone?

Auto Answer Justin phone 1-877-909-0099because you don't have his real phone number and people fake it so do not bleave kids (:

Does Justin Bieber have a cellphone?

Yes, Justin Bieber does have a cell phone.

Is the real Justin Bieber alive?

Justin bieber is alive

Is Justin Bieber a fake or not?

Justin Bieber is a real person.

Is it Justin Beaver or Justin Bieber?

His real name is Justin Bieber, pronounced bee-ber.

Is Justin Bieber's real name Alex Drew Bieber?

No. Justin Bieber's birth name was Justin Drew Bieber.