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His real name is Justin Bieber, pronounced bee-ber.

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Its Justin Bieber

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Q: Is it Justin Beaver or Justin Bieber?
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Is Justin beaver a girl or guy?

He is a guy. His name is Justin BIEBER, not beaver.

Is Justin beaver?

Justin Bieber is not dead he is a teenager.

Is Justin bieber related to a beaver?


Is Justin bieber a beaver?

no he is a human

Did Justin beaver sing for miley?

Its Bieber not Beaver, and no I dont think he did.

What is dustbin beaver?

Dustbin beaver is a beaver who sings. Just like Justin bieber

Does justin bieber have a pet beaver?

No, he doesn't

What do you call a female beaver?

Justin Bieber

Who is better the Jonas Brothers or Justin Beaver?


What is Justin beaver phone number in 2011?

his name is justin BIEBER!

Which football player does Justin bieber adore most?

Justin beaver

What is another word for justin bieber?

justan beaver