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Justin beaver

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Q: Which football player does Justin bieber adore most?
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What does Justin Bieber like from his fans?

Most likely, to worship and adore him.

What does Justin Bieber adore?

GIRLS...GIRLS...GIRLS he loves girls ....ohhh o.o and puppies :)

How do Justin bieber get the girls he want?

girls adore him. even if they don't, he's someone famous with lots of money. a girl would have to be stupid to turn Justin Drew Bieber down.

Who does Justin bieber like and adore?

beoncy sorry spelled her name wrong there is allot more including me but you know I'm Selena Gomez

How do you say 'I adore soccer' in French?

ils aiment jouer au football dans l'après-midi.

Is chaz justin bieber's best friend?

No. They stopped being friends because Chaz said Selena Gomez is just using Justin for publicity. They ended their friendship on twitter. Justin Bieber said his friends were jaden and ryan, but left out Chaz. Chaz tweeted back saying, "I thought what we had was real." Justin said back, 'Be real.' And that was the end. I hope Justin isn't sad! I adore him! And I'm not so sure Chaz is right about Selena Gomez. ALWAYS Jelena! I ♥ JB :)

Did Justin and Selena break up or are they just together for publicity?

They are just togher for publicity and Justin wants more boys to listen to his music instead of hating him and Selena wants more fans to adore her.

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You can use adore like this, I absolutely adore that dress you are wearing.

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You are mistaken, Russians adore the Italian people, and Italians are fond of Russians.

I adore you Swedish?

Jag beundrar dig. (I adore/admire you) Jag beundrar er. (I adore/admire y'all).

What does Adore-moi seulement mean?

"just adore me"

Detest is to adore as depart is to what?

Detest: adore :: depart is to what?