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No. Justin Bieber's birth name was Justin Drew Bieber.

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Q: Is Justin Bieber's real name Alex Drew Bieber?
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Is Justin biebers name Justin alex drew bieber?

No, his name is Justin Drew Bieber, no Alex included :) .

What is Justin biebers birds name?

Justin drew bieber

What is Justin Biebers true name?

Justin drew bieber.

What does Justin Biebers name mane?

Justin Drew Bieber

What is the D of Justin Biebers name?

The D of Justin Bieber means Drew. His whole name is Justin Drew Bieber.

Mark drew Bieber is Justin Biebers real name?

no his real name is Justin drew bieber not mark!

What is Justin Biebers midke name?

Justin Bieber's middle name is Drew :)

What is Justin Bieber's last name?

Justin biebers last name is actually bieber his full name is Justin drew bieber

Is it Justin Biebers birthday?

Justin Drew Bieber's birthday is on March 1st, 1994 in London, Ontario. I got Bieber Fever!!!:)

What is Justin Biebers name when he was first born?

his name is Justin drew bieber and he was born on march 1,1994

Who are Justin Bieber's manager and body gard?

justin drew biebers body gard is called kenny hamiton

Justin biebers friend chaz somers full name?

Justin Drew Bieber. Charles Grover Somers.:)