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cause they r jealous of him

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โˆ™ 2010-06-22 17:26:40
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Q: Why do people call Justin Bieber Justine Beaver?
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Is justin biebers real name Justine beaver?

YES JUSTINE BEAVER IS HIS REAL NAME some people belive it is justin drew biebier or alex lawrence but it is justine beaver i saw it on facebbok

How is it that people think Justine's last name beaver?

Because bieber is not a common last name and beaver is something people have heard of

Why is justin bieber a cheater?

Only Justine Bieber can answer that. (Who said he is a cheater?) Don't believe everything you hear. There are always two sides to every accusation. Or did you mean to say. What did Justine Bieber do that makes people think he is a cheater?

Why do people call Justin Bieber Justin Beaver I don't get the joke?

its a stupid joke. but I call him Justin beaver cuz he looks like a beave. and coz his last name rhymes with it and a nickname for a pussy is beaver which brings on every1 calling him a girl. all hail lord Justin beaver.

Why do so many people say that Justin Bieber is a beaver?

Some people want to mock him, and his name lends itself to that specific nickname.

How do you pronoounce Justin Bieber last name?

many people pronouce it "bye-ber" it is actually pronounced "bee-ber" also some say Justin beaver

Do people in Mexico know Justin bieber?

people in mexico do know justin bieber

Who has more people korn or Justin Bieber at concerts?

Justin Bieber

How many people in the world have the name Justin Bieber?

About 2,000 people have the name Justin Bieber.

Who do people like more zac efron or Justin bieber?

Justin bieber

How gay are you if you listen to Justin Bieber?

People are not gay if they listen to Justin Bieber.

How does Justin Bieber help people out?

Justin Bieber helps people out by singing, and giving his fans hopes.

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