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Jeff hardy has dated torrie Wilson, mickie James and now is married to TRISH STRATUS

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Q: What girls has jeffhardy been dating on WWE?
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What wrestiling is Jeffhardy going to WWE or TNA?

he is going to wwe

When will WWE jeffhardy will return?

2011 i hope

Where is jeffhardy going to WWE or tna?


Did jeffhardy come back to the WWE this year?


When does jeffhardy of WWE birthday comes?

august 31.

Is jeffhardy back at WWE?

Not yet. There are rumors that he may be, though.

Wwe is jeffhardy back in 1010?

NO i thought you thicko would of known that

Do jeffhardy wrestle for WWE?

he used to. but now hes in tna with matt hardy

What WWE superstars have kids?

Hhh jeffhardy kane undertaker randy orton bookert

Is jeffhardy back in WWE 2009?

in 2010 may 10 Jeff Hardy left WWE for TNA, he's not coming back.

Is jeffhardy comeing back to the WWE?

maybe.Maybe not.Actually, i really really really want him to come back to the wwe and become a championHe still works for the WWE he just hasn't been wrestling lately because he is spending time with his family.

Who are the wrestlers who get cheered in the WWE?

`the most famous ones like RandyOrton,JeffHardy,Metthardy x